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World Maps in World Atlas Format

Welcome! Below are our maps of the World maps showing country borders, continents, World oceans, territories, and provinces, in different projections and styles. These maps are low resolution sample maps of the World. We can make custom maps of the World with much more detail and information for your business and web sites with custom graphics and symbols. Visit our main page for more custom map information.

Also, visit our Europe maps site.
Below is a World outline map with ocean fill and country borders. These World geography maps can be ordered in layered Illustrator or PDF formats for easy layer additions of your text, points, and ads. World Maps can be ordered with country text, capital points and text, city points and text and water text layers. Maps can also be ordered in tagged SVG format.

World Map 1
Our World maps can be ordered with custom and random country colors for easy separation of countries. Water features such as World oceans, seas, bays, and lakes can be added to the maps as layers. Also, graticule lines can be added to the World maps like the one below.

The World maps above and below are in the WGS 1984 projection also know as WGS 84 or the GEO projection. It is the most popular projection for maps since it is very accurate.
The coordinate origin of WGS 84 is meant to be located at the Earth's center of mass; the error is believed to be less than 2 cm.
World Countries Filled

Outline World maps like the one below are good for simple illustrations where you want to overlay your text and graphics. Also, outline World maps can be used for logos and other geographic artwork where you only want lines showing.

World outline maps are also commonly used as country locator maps where the country is filled with a contrasting or bright color for a large scale overview of the country location.
White World Map
World maps can have graticule (latitude and longitude) lines added at different intervals. Common intervals are 5, 10, 20 degrees. The map below has 20 degree lat/long line intervals. The lines start on the prime meridian, but you can center a custom map on any latitude and longitude in the World. Some people order custom World maps that are centered on their business or their country like the United States, Australia, Japan, China, India and other World Locations.
Outline World Graticule Map
The World map above and below are Robinson projection. This World projection gives a extend globe shape so the land masses in the center are flat and the land near the edges have some angled globe shape to them.
World Ocean Map
The World map above and below are the Robinson Projection made famous by Rand McNally and National Geographic.
World Colored Map
The World Map below shows just water shorelines in blue and countries by color fill. There are no line borders shown on this map which makes it more colorful than the one above with borders.
World no border map
The World Maps below are in the GCS WGS 1984 Web Mercator projection. The projection extends the polar areas so you can see the Antarctica land mass better. These maps are good for publication purposes since they can be printed easily on a portrait piece of paper.
World portrait outline map
World Polical Map
World tall political map
World Dateline Map
The maps above and below show the Worlds important geographic dividing lines on them. These include the: Antarctic Circe, Arctic Circle, International Date Line, Equator, Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn.
Dateline Map
Oval World Map
The above World Map is in the Aitoff World Projection. The center is not distorted but gets more distorted toward the oval edges.
Compressed World Map
The above World Map is in the cylindrical Behrmann World Projection. The distortion of shape increases with distance from the World Equator.
Projected World Map
The above World Map is in the Craster Parabolic projection. This projection distorts massively at the World poles. Notice the tiny size of Antarctica and Greenland.
Hex World Map
The above World Map is in the Eckert 1 projection, which is one of the few hexagonal World map projections.
world map cia
Above is the most popular World map that is seen on the web. It is the public domain CIA World Map which can be used for free with no copyright on the map. These maps can be downloaded from a number of sites. Many map sites use the CIA maps since they are updated regularly and easy to swap out.
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